Quinta-feira, 5 de Junho de 2014

Is it funny ?


It's funny how not funny love is , it's funny how love can disturbe your mind and fuck it up for more time that it should , it's funny how it can destroy people so deep your bones break , your body hurts and your mind wrack , it's funny ... that when i think about him i can't remember that moment when he gave me his coat to protect me from the rain and he was only wearing a t-shirt , it's funny how i can't remember he hugging me or saying he loved me for the first time , when i think about him i remember my blurried vision , i remember her closed face looking at me like pitting me , ready to say things i knew i did not want to hear , i remember thinking to myself how much i did not wanted to cry and how close i was to do it , how hard it was to talk without quake , trying to look completely okay when i was falling apart inside , hearing things i knew that would destroy me but i had to be there listening , hoping that something good would come out of it , i still don't know what it was i just hope it is worth it.

I will always be yours but you will never be mine

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