Quarta-feira, 21 de Setembro de 2011

Really bad...


Just because i treated you like i didn't care , doesn't mean that i didnt ... means that i didnt want to show you because thats me .. i dont care or just dont want you to know it , because well ... i think that some people are weaker because they show all their emotions and they care about everything ,  their friends and their boyfriend and other people thoughts , for me its easier forget about caring about , but the hardest part is that didnt care about made me lost you , and lost you forever , i know i am stupid but being stupid is being me , so ... if you like me you have to deal with all , the good and the worst , and believe me i am really , really bad.

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De Joana Fernandes a 25 de Setembro de 2011 às 20:36
ola ja la tas ;b

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